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Kelvin Okafor’s Pencil Drawings

UK-based artist Kelvin Okafor uses charcoal and graphite pencil to take photo-realism to a new level. His work is so amazing some haters have accused him of being a fake. The truth is he is both a self-taught artist and a graduate of one of the finest art schools in the UK. His work is eye-poppingly, jaw-droppingly, breathtakingly exquisite.

It is easy to run out of superlatives when describing the work of a genius. Check it out for yourself and be prepared to be amazed.

Kelvin Okafor Graphite Drawings



Okafor YouTube Channel is linked here for access to more videos featuring his work.

Here is a link to a recent BBC news story on Okafor.

Click here for Kelvin Okafor’s blog.

Click here for Okafor’s photostream on Flicker.

Hat tip to “If it’s Hip it’s Here” (IIHIH) for posting its feature on Okafor.


Kelvin Okafor

Kelvin Okafor

Jan Carew on Native and Black Resistance in the Americas

In this excerpt from a 1992 lecture, Professor Jan Carew discusses the little-known history of the Seminole Wars and the heroic struggles of Amerindians, Africans, and Black Indians for freedom. He situates his comments within the broader history of the Columbian era and the Spanish discovery and colonization of the so-called New World.