Bloodline Rumba, a new play by John Chenault

My new play, Bloodline Rumba, is premiering 8 pm Wednesday, February 3, at the University of Louisville (UofL). It is being produced by the African American Theatre Program of the UofL Theatre Arts Department, and directed by the brilliant Nefertiti Burton.

For more information, check out this story in the Louisville Courier-Journal.

bloodline-rumba_final copy


La Santeria en Matanzas, Cuba: An Interview with Alfredo Calvo

Alfredo Calvo (Oba Tola, ibae) was the last living direct godchild of Fermina Gomez (Ocha Bi, ibae) and one of the most knowledgeable elders in Matanzas, Cuba until his death in August 2011. This interview was filmed in his home in 2009. In it he shares his perspective on the Afro-Cuban spiritual tradition known variously as Santeria, Lucumi, Regla de Ocha or, in his words, “the religion.” Additional footage is from private archives and “Vamos al Tambor” (a Kabiosile DVD, available at The Interview was originally intended as an introduction to that DVD, and is offered publicly in fond memory of Padrino Alfredo.”