Kobo in Conversation: Carlos Acosta

Kobo in Conversation with …. Carlos Acosta, author of Pig’s Foot

Carlos is a classical dancer, choreographer and now bestselling author of a colourful, magical story of his native Cuba.


Frost Interview

“Sir David Frost travels to Havana, Cuba, to meet the world’s most celebrated male ballet dancer in his homeland. Carlos Acosta’s family was desperately poor. Pedro, his father, had fallen in love with ballet when as a young man, he had sneaked into a cinema that was reserved for whites to watch grainy pictures of ballet dancers. When Pedro heard that Cuba’s ballet schools offered free food, he sent his son Carlos off to ballet school.”I wanted to become a footballer … but obviously my father had different plans,” Acosta tells Sir David.”





“Mourner’s Bench”

I had the pleasure of seeing William Arnett—the soloist seen in the video below—perform this amazing piece at the National Black Arts Festival in Atlanta back in the early 1990s as part of a tribute by the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company to the work of the great choreographer, Talley Beatty (22 December 1918 – 29 April 1995). After the concert I had the honor and privilege of being introduced to Mr. Beatty by the late Hal Scott. Watching it nearly twenty years later, it’s still hard to believe he created this luminous work in 1947. Talley Beatty briefly appears at the end of the video to take a well-deserved bow.