Inna Modja – Tombouctou (Clip officiel)

This video speaks to the devastating effects of war on women, and the spirit of resistance that emerges to confront such existential threats. It is the official video released by Inna Modja in 2015 to accompany the release of her album: Hotel Bamako.

Special thanks to Clyde T. who sent me the link from Panama.


Also from Hotel Bamako: Outlaw.


Inna Modja

4 thoughts on “Inna Modja – Tombouctou (Clip officiel)

  1. I only knew her for “Monsieur Sainte nitouche”… I’m ashamed… I’m glad she was able to prove her real talent with touching lyrics defending women! You still make me discover new songs! I’m happy to read your blog. Hoping you’re fine!

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