Distant Cousins

Me and my distant cousin Amenhotep III (see the family resemblance) meet in the British Museum. Amenhotep III—also known as Amenhotep the Magnificent—was the ninth Pharaoh from the Eighteenth Dynasty (circa 1400 BCE). He was the father of Akhenaten by his wife Tiye, and the grandfather of Tutankhamen.

The photos below were taken by Gwendline Chenault on June 29, 2014.

Amenhotep III

Amenhotep III


Me and Cuz chillin'

Me and Cuz chillin’


Majesty, Power, Eternal

Majesty, Power, Eternal


6 thoughts on “Distant Cousins

  1. It is good to see you on line again. The resemblance is remarkable. Hope you are having a good summer.

    Hugs, Toni Schooler

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    • I’ve spent the summer at home doing some renovation. I didn’t get drafted to teach in Panama and have the opportunity to go and hang with Clyde again.

      Thank you for recognizing the deep deep antiquity of my family line as depicted in stone. And the thought occurs to me that you also could fit easily in that family tree. It’s great to hear from you. And I hope we get to meet again some day soon.


    • I’ve been working my little patch on the big plantation like a field hand and neglecting to stop and shout out every now and then. Voodoo Chile by Luna seemed like the perfect field holler to break the silence. I’m always glad to hear from you. I hope your summer is going well.

  2. Good to see you John. Be careful. In the future a picture of you may surface with your nose whited out and your face bleached white.

    • Jomo,

      LOL … The museum is full of statues and busts with broken noses.

      Nothing can withstand the passage of time, of course, not even stone, so damage is to be expected. But I’ve seen photographic evidence of one broken-nosed Pharaoh’s statue on display having arrived there with the nose intact. I guess they dropped him on the way to add him to the display.

      It’s great hearing from you. I hope everyone and everything is going well.


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