Ocean Atlas

The breathtaking underwater sculpture seen below is also an artificial reef. The work was created by artist Jason deCaires Taylor, who received a commission for the project from the Bahamas Reef Environment Education Foundation.

Named “Ocean Atlas,” after the Titan in Greek Mythology, the 60 ton sculpture depicts a Bahamian girl (a local schoolgirl named Camilla served as the model for the piece), in a serene pose seated on the ocean floor and gazing blissfully over her shoulder.

Created with a high-density, pH-neutral marine cement chosen for its durability, the sculpture was installed in early October off the western coastline of New Providence in Nassau, Bahamas.

Underwater sculpture 1


Underwater 2

For more information about this incredible work, see this article in Forbes.

Jason deCaires Taylor installed his first major underwater work, Viccisitudes, off the coast of Grenada. Click here to see a slide show of that remarkable installation.



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