The Summer of Gods – Trailer (English)

Uma menina chamada Lili, descobre de sua missão com os seus ancestrais africanos ao visitar a sua vó no interior. Ao chegar a vila de sua vó Lili embarca em uma aventura mistica com os Orixás e a sua vó lhe ajuda e entender a sua missão.

A young girl named Lili unites with her Afro-Brazilian religious ancestry on a summer visit with family to their ancestral village in rural Northeast Brazil. Soon after her arrival, Lili encounters Orishas (African spiritual powers) who join with her grandmother to help her find peace with a gift that has previously vexed her.


You can instantly stream the film in HD and view it offline from VHX, or order it on DVD. It is available in Portuguese with English, Spanish or French subtitles. Click here for instructions on how to access it and for additional information about the film and filmmaker, Eliciana Nascimento.



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