Afro Uruguay: Forward Together


Candombe is a beautiful and powerful art form and cultural tradition brought to Uruguay centuries ago by people of African descent. Today it represents the resilience and history of a people.

Information about the film’s progress can be found here at Iris Films.


2 thoughts on “Afro Uruguay: Forward Together

  1. Thank you very much Ourstorian for not only this post but for your blog overall. You continually inspire me with your topics and your research.
    I have had the good fortune of visiting Montevideo, Colonia, Maldonado and Punta del Este, Uruguay. The country overall is very tranquil and the people are friendly. However you notice right away that the Black people are marginalized. But this does not stop them from being very humble and modest. They are firmly engrained in my heart and I treasure my experiences with there. Asante Sana

    • Tshepo,

      Thank you for your kind words and support of Ourstorian. I value your feedback. It is always exciting to learn that I’ve shared useful information and made a new friend in cyberspace in the process.

      I’ve never been to Uruguay (I’d love to visit the country some day), but the marginalization of Afro-Latinos, as you described their condition, is what I have witnessed and encountered in other Latin Americans countries. I have posted numerous articles and videos about Blacks in Latin America to raise awareness about their presence, their contributions, and their ongoing struggles with racism and discrimination. I plan to do much more going forward, including posting photographs from some of my travels. Please stay in tune and stay in touch.

      Asante Sana.

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