He is still with us. He is right here, right now, with us. How could it be otherwise? The word of the people’s poet is eternal. The truth he speaks has no beginning or end. Whispered or shouted from rooftops, in subways, on street corners, on crossroads where time stands still, it is the living word. How could it be otherwise? Even the blind can see his tongue aflame in the darkness. Even the deaf can hear his spirit-voice calling like a sacred drum. He is still with us. He is right here, right now, with us … forever.


Louis Reyes Rivera 5/19/1945 – 3/2/2012


Who’s Your Daddy?

Do you recognize this man? He could be your ancestor. It is estimated that 1 out of every 200 males on the planet carry his genes. Although most of his descendants are found in a region stretching from China to Central Europe, who knows how far the Khan genes have roamed. If you’re looking for child support, or simply curious, see Diane Ackerman’s article in the NYT, which explains how Genghis Khan became the ultimate “Baby Daddy.”

Joe Thompson Dies at 93

I happened to see the Carolina Chocolate Drops in concert at Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana on Saturday, February 25, the day of Joe Thompson’s funeral. They are the heirs to the string band musical tradition Thompson embodied and represented throughout his life. They are shown below with their mentor in an excerpt of their performance of “John Henry” at the Festival of American Fiddle Tunes, July 2007.


Joe Thompson Dies at 93 – Fiddler of String Band Legacy – NYTimes.com.