Dreamtime: Aboriginal Art & Music


3 thoughts on “Dreamtime: Aboriginal Art & Music

  1. Kia ora John

    Great music and art … I thought you might like this song, from a fabulous Aboriginal singer Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu – often brings tears to my eyes 🙂

  2. Kia ora Erika

    It’s an absolutely beautiful song … haunting, plaintive, but somehow transcendent. I looked up the lyrics and discovered, as can be guessed from the style, he’s singing about longing and searching. At the end he mentions the scrub fowl is kin to his clan.

    I wonder if this song also is an expression of the struggle of the Gumatj to retain their sacred homelands in NE Arnhem Land? I could only find a brief reference to this online from 2008. Thank you for introducing Geoffrey to me.
    Arohanui, John

    Two scrub fowl crying out, looking for Guwalil?a
    the calls like women crying, looking for Murrurr?awu
    the cries returning his mind to the jungles at Mutjmutj?a

    oh place Guwalil?a, Warra?ika, Yumay?a, m..m

    Oh the old man cries, from this drink
    oh dad Kampa-Dju?adju?a, home Maya?-?araka bright in his mind
    oh my two mums, beloved mums, hold Ruypu Milinditj
    oh my two mums, beloved mums, cry for the sacred spring Burarrapu
    oh the place Guwalil?a. Warra?ika, Yumay?a, m..m

    *Dji?awurr, the orange footed scrub fowl are family and relatives to the Gumatj

    • Longing and searching – yes that’s perfect. I hadn’t looked up the words myself, just going with the feel of the song, and the feel is beautiful capturing those two things really well. I somehow thought you would like it – the pain of a people’s loss is in there too I think. At least we can feel…


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