“Black” Confederates and other “White” Myths

This picture has been photoshopped (those are Union soldiers) and is part of the neo-confederate lie machine that is distorting the history of slavery in this country. Bottom line, if “blacks” had fought for the South, the South would have won the Civil War. It was the entrance of “black” troops on the Union side that prevented the North from being defeated. Had the hundreds of thousand able-bodied “black” men joined the fray in a fight-to-the-death to protect slavery and “white” womanhood, Dixie would be the national anthem and Barack Obama would be picking pineapples on the south forty of a Hawaii plantation (you know that U.S. colony in the Pacific).

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4 thoughts on ““Black” Confederates and other “White” Myths

  1. The Union Army would have won regardless of Blacks entering the war or not, there were not a significant number of black troops to have made the difference. As to the assumption the Confederates could have imposed anything more on the United States aside from gaining independence, it is absurd, the south did not have the man power or materials to conquer the United States, it’s whole existence was spent fighting to keep the Union out of it’s declared territory. While black troops were used by the north, it was not enough to have made much impact.

    All this aside, i concur that there is nothing to show that there were a significant number of Black Confederates, however, there were freed blacks who served as teamsters, and no doubt plenty of slaves forced to work for the lost cause, however, in documents of the Confederate government, there are stated legal papers which forbade the use of blacks as troops, though some in the south suggested this. In the end, it was felt better not to arm the blacks, as they would have likely turned the guns on the Confederates themselves.

    Last, while i am neither an apologetic for the south, nor someone who condemns it. I do find it disturbing that some, who claim to be pro southern heritage, go out of their way to distort the truth, when the actual founders of the Confederate uprising stated legally as being against using black troops. A lack of knowing the true history of things is bad enough, but distorting them is inexcusable.

  2. Mr. Allen,

    I appreciate your comments and apologize for taking so long to respond.

    The United States Colored Troops (USCT) comprised 10% of the Union Army. They fought in all the theaters of the war, but mostly served as garrison troops. I believe their contributions were essential to the outcome of the war. You are probably correct that the Union would have prevailed over time, but at what cost? According to a recent study, the number of Civil War deaths needs to be revised upwards by 20%. Until recently the scholarly consensus has been that 618,222 men died in the Civil War (360,222 from the North and 258,000 from the South). An estimated 68,178 black troops died, with disease accounting for more than 95% of those deaths. The total estimate of war-related deaths is now placed at 750,000. How many more of its sons would the North have sacrificed? Is it possible the more than 178,000 free blacks and freedmen who served during the last two years of the war helped to shorten the war’s duration?

    The Civil War remains the costliest war in human lives ever fought by this country. It is perhaps impossible to estimate how much longer it would have dragged on without the manpower and contributions of the USCT. Moreover, not all Northerners were solidly behind the war. And with the massive and mounting numbers of Union dead, support could have declined drastically. Granted the North was more powerful industrially and economically, but as we saw with the Vietnam War, superior might and resources do not always prevail against an opponent with the will to fight against such forces.

    Finally, I agree that my contention that the South would have imposed its polity on the North is absurd. It was meant to be. My comment about Obama harvesting pineapples on a plantation in Hawaii was intended to poke fun at the absurd lie that thousands of Black Confederate Troops fought for the South. I too find that distortion of the historical record inexcusable.

    Thanks again for reading Ourstorian and your comments.

  3. Actually the 1st Louisiana Native Guard was a Confederate militia unit up through 1862 kind of ironic since you were criticizing others for not knowing their history

    • Yes,the 1st Louisiana Guard you are referring to was disbanded in 1862. It was a state militia composed of “colored” volunteers. It never was equipped with weapons or uniforms and saw no service whatsoever in the Civil War. It was later organized into a militia comprised only of “free white males.” The history you apparently don’t know is that the Union Army created a regiment of the same name. Approximately 10% of the volunteers of the former Louisiana Guard joined its ranks. It later became the 73rd Regiment Infantry U.S. Colored Troops.

      My comment above about the misuse of the photograph by Neo-Confederates stands. The photo depicts the Union Army’s 1st Louisiana Guard. Thank you for posting your erroneous comment. I apologize for taking so long to criticize you for not knowing your history.

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