“Shut Up and Play”

NewBlackMan: “Shut Up and Play:” Racism, Sexism and “Unattractive” Realities of American Culture.


3 thoughts on ““Shut Up and Play”

  1. *head-desk times 100*
    I watched a lot of televised tennis many years ago when I was actually playing it. I enjoyed watching the greats of that era because of their strength, skill and stamina on the court. When I watch either of the Williams sisters playing tennis nowadays, I watch for the same reasons as I did years ago. The fact that they are black women only adds to my admiration for them and their outstanding careers in tennis so far. The fact that they are treated so viciously by American sports media make me sick to my stomach. It also makes me more determined to do what I can to stop this vileness. Thank you for posting those links, and for that great photo: strength, determination, energy are all there, and any one who can’t see it just doesn’t want to.

  2. It seems to me that America has never really embraced the Williams sister the way it has other female tennis stars. And, like you, I think the sports media deserves a lot of the blame for it. This last incident was blown way out of proportion by a couple of sports writers. The evidence of that is the fact the tennis officials fined her a mere two thousand dollars.

    • The Williams sisters are too strong, too smart and too dark for the sports media to accept as tennis players. It’s disgusting. All the efforts of Arthur Ashe and Althea Gibson seem to have gone for naught in the tennis world; we’re back to “shut up and play.” John McEnroe was practically celebrated for his on-court temper, a “boys will be boys” attitude that persists today, with the leading example being the Williams sibs. If they were white male twins, no one would have batted an eyelash. Argh! Makes me ashamed to call myself “white.”

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