AfroLatinoTV Needs Our Help

Afrolatinos “The Untaught Story” is a documentary television series independently produced by Creador Pictures, LLC. This is the story of the estimated 150 million invisible afrodescendants currently living in Latin America. Afrolatinos is a seven part series in English and Spanish, that shows the rich culture and shares the contributions of the enslaved Africans who arrived to the Caribbean, Central and South America.”


I have been following the progress of Afrolatinos “The Untaught Story (see my post on July 23rd), and looking forward to its release. This year has been proclaimed by UNESCO The International Year of People of African Descent. And this documentary film series, which has been three years in the making, helps to fill the immense void UNESCO has identified in terms of the teaching and promoting of the history of the African presence in the Americas. Today I came across an appeal for funding support from the producers. I want to encourage everyone who reads this blog to make a donation (no matter how small) to support this extraordinary film project. If you can’t donate funds, please publicize this fundraising effort through social media and any other networks of colleagues, friends, and family. The producers have been trying to raise $50,000 in thirty days through IndieGoGo, an international fundraising platform. To-date, with fourteen days still remaining, they’ve only received $716 toward their goal.

Copy and paste the following URL into your web browser to go to the donations page to make your contribution to :

If you cannot donate, please share this information about Afrolatinos “The Untaught Story” on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and wherever you can.


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