Video on Demand

Video on Demand: The Next Frontier for Black Filmmakers?

It might be a boon to “Black” Filmmakers … but I’m afraid we will wind up with a slew of films like:

  • Invasion of the Pants Saggers
  • DownLow Drive-By
  • Meth Aliens vs the Zombi Crackheads
  • Day Care Gang-Banger Throw Down
  • Baby-Mama Drama in Space
  • Attack of the ILL Na-Na Herpes Monster
  • When Harlem Was Black: a Modern Fairy Tale
  • The Project Princess and the Parolee: a Ghetto Love Story
  • UnPrecious: a Story of Incest, Anorexia, and the Pursuit of an Oscar
  • The Pimpilator and his Magic Pimp Stick Save Christmas
  • Return of the Pimpilator
  • The Pimpilator Meets Whorrella
  • Unbeweaveable: the Story of a Black Girl on the Wrong Side of the Tracks
  • Unbeweavable II: Your Hair’s Too Short to Unbox this Weave
  • Reverend MacDaddy and the Golden Chicken Wings with Side Taters and Cole Slaw
  • Jesus Don’t Like Playa Hatin’ Fools That Don’t Tithe
  • And, my favorite … Booty Shack … (Oh … wait … I wrote that screenplay back in the nineties)

Meanwhile … Spike Lee, one of the pioneers of new black cinema, hasn’t had a feature film greenlighted in three years. No Forty Acres and Mule for you son: Spike Lee: Interview – The Hollywood Reporter.


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